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Edward Anthony Masen (Cullen)

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Q: What is real name Edward Cullen?
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What is the real name of Edward Cullen in the movie twilight?

Edward Cullen's real name is Robert Pattinson.

What is Edward Cullen's real first name?

Edward Anthony Masen (Cullen)

Is Edward Cullen a real person?

Edward Cullen is a fictional character in the book series The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. So, no he is not real. There is a possiblitity there is someone out there named Edward Cullen. Last name Cullen, first name Edward, but there is no Edward Anthony Cullen.

Edward Cullen's full name?

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen his first real name is Robert.

Is his name is Edward Cullen in real life also?

If you mean " is the actor that plays Edward Cullen also called Edward Cullen in real life?" no, he is not, the actor that plays Edward Cullen is Robert Pattinson

What is edward real name in real life?

Edward Cullen's name, before he became a vampire, was Edward Mason. His real name in normal life is Robert Pattinson.

What was the real name of Edward Cullen?

Edward Anthony Masen

What was Edward Cullen's real name?

His real name is Robert Pattinson

What is Eward Cullen real name?

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen is his full name.

What is real Edward Cullen's real address?

There is no such this as a REAL Edward Cullen. He is fictional.

What is Edward Cullen's real surname?

It's Masen. His full name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

Is Edwards real name edward?

The actor who plays Edward in real life doesn't have the name Edward. In real life his name is Robert Pattinson. In the Movies and book is name is Edward Cullen, but before he became a vampire his last name was not Cullen.

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