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The phone number in the Optimum commercial is 855-728-2455 which is their customer service number. Optimum provides internet, phone, and television services for their customers.

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Q: What is phone number in optimum commercial?
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Who to get a optimum id?


What is the phone number of the National Museum Of Commercial Aviation in Forest Park Georgia?

The phone number of the National Museum Of Commercial Aviation is: 404-675-9266.

Who is the guy in the optimum car commercial?

Matt Walton

Who is the hot guy in the new optimum commercial?

Matt Walton

What is a commercial phone number versus a DSN?

DSN is the Defense Subscriber Network. It is a closed telecommunications network used by the US military. A commercial phone number is number used by POTS (Plain Old Telephone System).

What channel is syfy on optimum?

The number channel is 67 on Optimum.

You just watched a optimum commercial with a Verizon fios guy Is the Verizon guy the same one from the Verizon commercials?

The Optimum spokesman resembles the Fios guy very strongly but isn't the same one. I believe that is the object of the commercial. Mother speaks up for Optimum.

What channel is syfy on optimum tv?

The number channel is 67 on Optimum.

Who is the woman in white on optimum commercial?

Eve Danzeisen...and yes she is HOT!

What are some packages offered by Optimum Voice?

Optimum Voice provides digital phone services to homes and businesses. Some of the packages they offer include unlimited international calling. They also package phone services with Optimum television and internet services. For businesses they offer packages combining high speed internet with phone services. Optimum Voice services are only available in regions where Cablevision Systems Corporation is the local cable services provider.

Who is the guy in the transformers cell phone commercial?

The guy in the transformers phone commercial is Jonathan Sadowski.

Who are the girls in the optimum commercial?

The Optimum company dis not release a list of their actresses. At this point of time the actresses name is unknown.