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Actually, I play violin, so I think silnce is important because it brings drama or tranquility in the are of music.

Good question. Yes, silence is very important in music. This is because it gives a certain feel to the peice. It may make it seem eerie or sad. The beats may sound better if a rest is taken. Hope this helps!

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According to some.

The renowned 20th century composer John Cage wrote a piece for solo piano entitled 4"33" which features the performer doing nothing but sitting on stage in front of the piano.

The composition's title takes its name from how long the premiere performance lasted.

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A rest. A half rest is an indication of a period of silence lasting two beats in simple time.

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silence means when the music stops and gives a time to think and to all the echoes to die away

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Q: What is period of silence in music?
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What is a silence in music?

A silence in music is what is commonly referred to as a rest. This is a period that is clearly defined on music timing.

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What is the difference between silence and music?

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What is prolonged silence?

When there's a long period of silence.

What does silence in musical terms mean?

Silence in music is provided by a rest mark.

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How is Measured silence is indicated in music?

Time in music is measured by pulses, or beats.

What is Silence is music is by musical symbol is known as?

it is important to have silence in music to create effect and as a sign for the other music group or piece of music to begin!The silence at the end of music is just important as the singing itself!

Silence for berlioz bizet and bartok?

In music by any composer rests indicate the length of silence desired.

What do you call the periods of silence in a measure of music?


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