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Peeta's score from the private training session is an eight.

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His full name is Peeta Mellark

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Q: What is peetas name in the hunger games?
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What does katniss need in the Hunger Games?

Medicine for Peetas leg.

What do peetas parents do in The Hunger Games?

Peeta's parents are bakers

What does peters farther do in The Hunger Games?

Peetas father bakes bread.

Why aren't katniss and Peetas brothers not friends in hunger games?

neither of them have brothers

What are Peetas brothers called?

Peeta's brother's names are not mentioned in The Hunger Games.

Who is peetas stylist?

Portia is the stylist of Peeta in the 74th and 75th Hunger Games.

What condition threatens Peetas life?

When his leg is really swollen in The Hunger Games.

What does Peetas name stand for in hunger games?

It could be that Suzanne Collins got his name from Pita Bread. He comes from a family of bakers so it could simply be a play on words.

What is the noise that interrupts Katniss and Peetas conversation in the hunger games?

the blast of a cannon that means a tribute died

Who all comes and visits katniss in the hunger games?

Prim and Katnisses mother, Gale Hawthorne and Peetas father

Who is peetas styilist hunger games?

Peeta's stylist is a woman named Portia

What are some ups and downs in the book Hunger Games?

ups> peeta finally gets to be with katniss, katniss and peeta win the hunger games downs> katniss broke peetas heart, the capitol wants katniss and peeta dead