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well parcel day is a day where the capitol provides every 1 in your district candy and goods once a month 4 only 1 year if u have won The Hunger Games. hope that helps.

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Q: What is parcel day in the Hunger Games?
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What is the premier day of The Hunger Games?

March 23rd is the premier of "The Hunger Games" movie.

When is the Hunger Games coming to Paperiew?

The Hunger Games came to Directv the same day as it came out on DVD, August 18th.

How many tributes were killed on the second day of the seventy-fifth Hunger Games?

I'm pretty sure 8 tributes were killed on the second day of the 75th Hunger Games.

What people died the first day in the hunger games?

no one

What is the first hunger games film called?

The Hunger Games

What happens in the hunger games Chapter 1?

The first chapter of The Hunger Games just explains what Katniss Everdeen does before the have the Reaping Day "lottery" done. The "lottery" is used to choose who will be tributes at the Hunger Games that year.

Is The Hunger Games a rip off to Battle Royale?

The Hunger Games and Battle Royale have a similar plot, but The Hunger Games is not a rip off. Here are some differences posted by our contributors:First of all, The Hunger Games is set in the future. Battle Royale is not.Battle Royale's "tributes" are captured and taken, the tributes in The Hunger Games are chosen.The Hunger Games can last longer than a day, Battle Royale's battles to the death do not.

Is The Hunger Games more popular than Avengers?

Definetly the hunger games because they got 68.3 million dollars on opening day for that movie!

How many tributes die on the second day of the Hunger Games?


What day is hunger games the movie is goin to be out?

sometime early 2012

What is the name of the day when Hunger Games tributes are chosen?

This is called the Reaping.

What happens in the middle of the book The Hunger Games?

well in the middle of the book the hunger games begin on the first day many tributes die i hope that gives you a hint.