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It's WHY by Anne Lennox

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Q: What is on Family Guy playing when Brian and Meg make out at the dance The chorus goes And tell me why?
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What is the popular dance song with a chorus that sounds like dance dance dance?

Riverside - Sydney Samson

What is a song with the chorus that goes ' and dance and dance and dance' a man sings it and you think it might be a bit of an old song?

ummm Dance, Dance by Fallout Boy?

What is the techno pop song where kids sing the chorus?


Is there a scene where Stewie throws a scrunched up paper ball into Brian's vet collar then punches the air and does a victory dance on the DVD version of the Family Guy episode Brian Sings and Swings?


What is a good song to dance to while acting from a musical?

"I Can Do That" from A Chorus Line

What is the song with the chorus Lets dance and a saxophone in the background possibly released in the 80s?

Are you thinking of Lets Dance by David Bowie?

What song is playing when Mr feather does his dance in undercover brother?

Family Affair - Mary J Blige

How do you say chorus in french?

Chorale ensemble (ex, dance, ballet, theatre).

What is the chorus for Just Dance by lady gaga?

Da doo-doo! Just dance! I love that record babe! Da doo-doo! Just dance!

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The movie a Chorus line is about people going through the audition process just to be in the chorus in a musical! It shows each ones kind of journey of how they got into dance, and what they hope to accomplish!

What is the purpose of the chorus in the drama?

The purpose of a chorus is to help the actors role become more emphasized throughout the play. The chorus has a few actions here and there and sometimes they have a dance at some stages. HI STONE

What song do they play on the commercial for the kinetic for Dance Central?

You heard the chorus from "Evacuate the Dance Floor" by Cascada. You can catch it on YouTube and other sites.