What is nico robin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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As what I know, Nico Robin is a fictional character in anime serial and in One Piece manga. She gained a special power after she ate one of The Evil Fruit called Hana Hana Fruit, which is can 'sprout' multiple copies of any of her body parts anywhere as far as she can see it. She is an archaeologist and the sixth member to join Straw Hat Pirates (led by Monkey D. Luffy) after she betrayed from Baroque Works (led by Sir Crocodile/Mr. Zero). She is very good for long range combat. She usually named her techniques by Spanish (first name) and French word (last name). For example Seis Fleur, Treinta Fleur, etc. When she is attacking, she usually puts her hands in front of her chest and forms 'X' shape. Her weakness is when her replicated body parts are damaged, she will get the damage on her real body, too. She loves ruins and artifacts so much, so she will protect them even tough it risks her life. We can see this from her battle with Yama in Skypiea. Her mother's name is Nico Olivia, had passed away when she was 8. Nico Robin a.k.a Miss All Sunday, and when she was a child, her friends called her as Demon Child because of her strange ability.

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Q: What is nico robin?
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Nico Robin is a character in which anime series?

Nico Robin is a sub character in the One Piece anime series, voiced by Yurika Yamaguchi for the Japanese version. Nico Robin is a devil fruit user, similar to the main protagonist Luffy, who is the captain of the straw hats.

What episode is nico robin in?

One piece episodes

Which episode does robin in one piece appear?

Nico Robin appears in chapter 114 of the manga, which is episode 67 in the anime.

Who does sanji like?

sanji likes pretty ladies...he likes nico robin and nami on the crewship too

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How old is nico robin?

i found out how old robin was by going to this website: and i looked robin up and she was 28! she's old, well she does look like she's only 17 or 18 but no! she's 28 :'( old....

Why is Zoro often shy around Nico Robin?

He doesn't fully trust her, due to her history as one of their past opponents.

Where can you download Nico Nico Fighters game?

Nico Nico Fighters

When was Nico Nico Douga created?

Nico Nico Douga was created in 2006.

When was Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga created?

Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga was created in 2007.

Name everyone in luffy's crew?

As of the latest manga, Roronoa Zoro - Swordsman, Usopp - Sniper, Sanji - Chef, Nami - Navigator, Tony Tony Chopper - Doctor, Frankie - Shipwright, Nico Robin - Archaeologist, Brook - Musician.

What nicknames does Nico Toffoli go by?

Nico Toffoli goes by Nico.