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Introduce new employees to the organization, their fellow employees and their immediate supervisors.

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Q: What is new employee orientation include?
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What is Orientation or induction of new employees?

The orientation of a new employee is where a person is introduced to the entire staff in a company.

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What is orientation in HR?

Orientation is the process of becoming familiar with a new place, organization, or complex process. Orientation training is often given as part of bringing a new employee into a workplace. The purpose of such orientation is to inform the new employee of procedures to be followed and hazards to be avoided, as well as of resources that are available. The amount of time required for orientation into the workplace will differ from place to place. Some places orientation will take several days, at others it may take less than an hour.

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What is the purpose of hospital training?

Hospitals need to run efficiently and communication is key to that. If a new employee arrives they will need orientation and training so they can fit in with the routine.

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