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Q: What is name of arjuns dhanush?
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What is the birth name of Dhanush?

Dhanush's birth name is Vengateshprabhu Kastoorirajan.

What is the name of ram dhanush?


What is the name of shjv-dhanush in Ramayana?


What is name of the Dhanush broken by Lord Ram?

It is called Pinaka

What is the character name of dhanush in adukalam Tamil movie?


What is allu arjuns height?

5' 9"

What is the name of devine bow broken by lord Rama?

Shiv Dhanush

What is Dhanush's birthday?

Dhanush was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

What is the name of lord Ram's Dhanush?

The name of Lord Ram's bow is called "Pinaka".

When was Dhanush born?

Dhanush was born on February 25, 1978.

What is the birth name of Tamil actor Dhanush?

Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja.

How hairy will allu arjuns armpits be if left unshaved?

he is sexy