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Modernism in music is the idea that if it has a theme you can hum, or a beat you can keep, the composer has failed.

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Q: What is modernism with regards to music?
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What has the author Hans Emons written?

Hans Emons has written: 'Komplizenschaften' -- subject(s): American Art, Art and music, Art, American, Avant-garde (Aesthetics), History, History and criticism, Modernism (Art), Modernism (Music), Music

Country music is always trying to find a balance between?

Tradition and modernism

What is the current music period?

Its called, as it says in latin, "modernictus", though for us it is modernism

What is the current music period called?

Its called, as it says in latin, "modernictus", though for us it is modernism

What has the author Walter Edwin Duncan written?

Walter Edwin Duncan has written: 'Ultra-Modernism in Music'

What was Xenakis' musical historic period?

The music of Iannis Xenakis would fall in the "Post-1945 Modernism" epoch of Western European classical music tradition.

What name was given to the literary movement that occurred from the end of world war 2?

Modernism :)

What are some characteristics of modernism?

Wikipedia 'Modernism'

What is an example of modernism?

The writing of Immanuel Kant. Modernism was a societal movement best reflected in literature and art, including music and architecture. There is a lot of disagreement about exactly when it began and with whom, but Kant was unquestionably a modernist.

Which of these is a literary and cultural movement that began in part due to the terrible destruction and horrors of World War 1?

Modernism cheaters :)

Which 20th century style is described as the popular modernism period?

Post-Modernism and Modernism to some extent

What set the stage for modernism?

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