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At the related link below is an example of a modern fugue written by Nick Vasallo, a 21st century composer. It is also a tribute to J.S. Bach, the master of fugue.

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Q: What is modern example of fugue in music?
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In what form was bach's music?


What do we call a polyphonic composition based on one main theme (in this case, the subject), a cornerstone of Baroque music?

The Fugue

What has the author Joseph Humfrey Anger written?

Joseph Humfrey Anger has written: 'Form in Music With a Special Reference to the Bach Fugue and the Beethoven Sonata' 'Form in music' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Fugue, Musical form, Sonata, Forme musicale, Fugue (Musique), Sonate

What musical terms are used in the little organ fugue in g minor?

There are no music terms used in the Little Fugue in g minor (BWV 578).

What has the author Warren Kirkendale written?

Warren Kirkendale has written: 'Beethovens Missa Solemnis und die Rhetorische Tradition' 'Fugue and fugato in rococo and classical chamber music' -- subject(s): Fugue, Chamber music, History and criticism 'Fuge und Fugato in der Kammermusik des Rokoko und der Klassik' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Fugue, Chamber music, Music

What does the word fugue most commonly mean?

The word "fugue" is usually used as a musical term. It refers to a piece of music which consists of two or more parts, each with a similar melody. Bach was noted for his fugue compositions.

In music an elaborate form of fugue?

I reckon it's RICERCAR. Tony Martin, Halifax

What do you call it when you have a passage of music repeated exactly but starting on a different note each time?


How is clasical music different to other music?

That depends what music you compare it to. For example, in the classical period, music is mainly homophonic and in the baroque period, music is mainly polyphonic. You can hear this in the music of Bach and Mozart. for example, Bach's last work the art of fugue is in polyphonic texture where more than one melody line is heard simultaneously while in Mozart's Eine Kleine Natchmusik, it is mostly in homophonic texture where only one melody is heard and it is supported by harmony.

What does fuga mean in Spanish?

Among other things, it means fugue - a type of music.

Is Fugue in D minor a symphony?

No, it's a fugue.

Is fugue an opus?

A fugue is a musical form. An opus is a musical composition. Therefore a fugue is not an opus, nor is an opus a fugue. A composer may compose a fugue and give it an opus number. In that case, a specific fugue is identified by a specific opus number in its composer's catalogue: 'Fugue in G minor for organ, opus 99, by Franz Schnitzelgruber.'