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Luna Lovegood is not known to have a pet, but she is fixated with characters such as the Crumplehorned Snorkacks or the Nargle. Hermione Granger does not believe these to exist.

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Q: What is lunais pet from Harry Potter?
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What is Vincent Crabbe's pet called in Harry Potter?

Vincent Crabbe was not mentioned as owning a pet in the Harry Potter series.

What was the name of Harryoers pet owl?

Harry Potter's pet owl was called: Hedwig.

Do the twins in the Harry Potter series have a pet?

No they don't

What is Harry Potter pet?

Hedwig, the owl

Is Rob Pat in Harry Potter1?

Yes Ron's pet is in Harry Potter 1

What is the name of Harry Potter's pet snowy owl?


What is dumbelldors pet in Harry Potter?

A phoenix called Fawkes.

What is Ronald weasley pet called in Harry Potter?


What pet does Nevile bring to hogwarts Harry Potter?

He brings Trevor, his unliked pet toad.

How old is Dumbledore's pet phoenix in Harry Potter?

It doesn't have an age.

Does Harry Potter kill snape?

No, Voldemort's pet Snake Nagini does.

What is Harry Potter's owl called in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

Hedwig, who was his pet until she was killed in the seventh book.