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Llandudno is famous for its city's

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Q: What is llandudno most famous for?
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What country is Llandudno located in?

Llandudno is located in Wales in Conwy County Burrough. It has a very small population and is best known for its seaside resorts. Most people visit Llandudno to see Noerthern Wales and Snowdonia.

Does llandudno have any nicknames?

what nicknames does llandudno have

What are some typical food dishes in Llandudno?

in my opinion the most typical dish in llandudno (i presume your talking about the place in wales)would be fish and chips .

Is llandudno a large town?

llandudno is a fairly big.

Is llandudno in whales close to mount snowdon?

There is no Llandudno in Whales. Llandudno is in Wales Yes, Llandudno is right at the base of the Snowdonia mountains. I travel thru there once a year.

Does llandudno is a seaside resort on the Pembrokeshire coast?

Llandudno is in NORTH Wales, Pembrokeshire is South West. Llandudno is NOT in Pembrokeshire

Does it rain a lot in llandudno?

like Llandudno is very beautiful

When was Llandudno RFC created?

Llandudno RFC was created in 1952.

When was Llandudno F.C. created?

Llandudno F.C. was created in 1878.

Does llandudno have many visitors?

yes llandudno has 500% of people

Is there an island in llandudno?

There is no island in Llandudno. There are islands off Anglesey. Llandudno is a peninsular between 2 headlands. The Great and the Little Orme.

How long is the flight from London to Llandudno?

There is no airport at Llandudno or remarkably close.