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Stephen Louis Gray not sure if that is the real middle name but its the right first and last names.

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Q: What is lil twist father real name?
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Is birdman the father of lil wanye lil twist and lil chucky?

No . Birdman Is Like A Father To Lil Wayne & Lil Wayne Is Like A Father / Big Brother To Lil Twist & Lil Chucky .

Is Reynoldo Poore Lil Twist real brother?

Lil Twist Only Has One Older Sister , & Her Name Is Crystal McGriff .

What is lil twist from young money real name?

Christopher Moore =]

What is lil twist's moms name?

Rhonda Moore is his mother's real name.

What is the birth name of Lil Twist?

Lil Twist's birth name is Christoper L. Moore.

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i love you lil twist my name is Sabrina and i am 17 years old and i want to get with you Lynn Christopher Lynn Moore

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No. Lil' Twist and Lil' Wayne are not related. Lil' Wayne is like a brother or father to Lil' Twist but they aren't really related. If you go on and go on LilTwistTv, in one of his videos he talks about Lil' Wayne.

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What Is Lil Twist's Last Name?

Moore is his last name...Christopher L. Moore