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Is he currenty playing Basketball for USC Trojans?

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each live lil rome now?

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Q: What is lil romeo doing right now in his life?
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How old is lil Romeo now in 2010?

Lil romeo right now is 21 years old because in 08 he was 19 and in 09 he was 20 and right now he is 21

Who as more money lil bow wow or lil romeo?

lil romeo cause lil bow wow wasnt famous before lil romeo an his dad

Is Lil Wayne Master P's son?

Lil' Romeo Lil' Romeo enjoyed a hit single at the age of 11.

Where does lil romeo live in real life?

he lives across the street from u.

What is Lil' Romeo's last name?

Lil' Romeo's full name is Percy Romeo Miller Jr.

When was lil Romeo killed?

Master P's son Lil Romeo is not dead.

Who is lil' Romeo's mom?

lil romeo's mothers name is Sonya c

Does lil' romeo have his show still air on nickeleon?

yes called lil romeo

How old is Lil' Romeo?

"Lil' Romeo" is Romeo Miller - he is 28 years old (born Percy Miller Jr., August 19, 1989).

Is lil bow wow and lil romeo brothers?


Did Lil Romeo date Jamie Lynn Spears?

she did not date Lil Romeo because she's not his type

Is lil Romeo married?

No Lii Romeo is not married.