What is kik messenger?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Kik Messenger is a popular app that's used for texting. You can send pictures, and videos if you get the Video for Kik app. Kik is convenient for texting from iPod to iPod, iPad to iPhone, etc.

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Q: What is kik messenger?
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What is a kik on Instagram?

Kik is just a messenger app

How do you become friends with Ariana Grande on kik messenger?

she doesn't have a kik :)

When was Kik Messenger created?


Does blanket Jackson have kik messenger?


How do you say i don't have kik messenger no more in spanish?

You could say: "Yo no tengo kik". This stands for "I do not have kik".

Does kik messenger work on samsungs?

Not for metro

How do you change your name on kik messenger?

You cant

Will kik messenger show your cell number?


Who famous gotta kik messenger?

Ariana grance

What is Cymphonique Miller's official Kik Messenger username?

Unless you are friends with Cymphonique Miller or have some way to contact her, you can not get her Kik Messenger username. In order to connect with someone on Kik Messenger, you need to know their username, be friends with them in some way such as Facebook or Twitter, or have them in your Contacts list on your phone.

Can you download kik to a blackberry playbook?

As of May 2014, Kik is not available on the Blackberry Playbook. Kik Messenger is available on Android, Windows7, and iOS devices.

Does mattybraps have kik?

Kik Messenger is a free texting app. It has been said that MattyBRaps, real name James Maslow, has Kik. However, his username has not been made public.