What is keroro gunso?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Keroro Gunsou is an anime which is pretty funny (in my opinion) and is about aliens ordered to take over Earth (which they call Pekopon); but they slack off and instead they do scams and pranks to the humans. When they arrive though each Keronian (that is what they are) confronts humans such as Natsumi Hinata, Fuyuki Hinata, Aki Hinata,
Grandmother Hinata, Saburo, Momoka Nishizawa,and Koyuki Azamaya.
The Keronians are Sergeant Keroro (the leader) Private Second Class Tamama (the storm trooper) Corporal Giroro (the mobile gunner) Sergeant Major Kururu (the tactics and intelligence officer) and Lance Corporal Dororo (the assassin). In the the series though they pronounce Sergeant as Gunsou, Second Class Private as Nitohei, Corporal as Goucho,
Sergeant Major as Sochou, and Lance Corporal as Heichou. Also the King Of Terror comes and makes her debut as the Sergeants niece (for she calls the sergeant uncle). Her real name is Angol=Moa. The general storyline evolves around Keroro's insane tactics to try to invade Pekopon. This ranges from Keroro opening up a store that sells beautiful smiles for five dollars to creating giant mechanized robot's to destroy the city. There are also many other characters too, like Kogoro, Lavie, Garuru, Taruru, Zoruru, Tororo, Pururu, Karara, Sumomo, Shurara, and Dark-Keroro just to name a few. Currently the show is up to season five. Also keroro guso is tranlated in engilsh as sgt. frog

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Q: What is keroro gunso?
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Where can one view images for Keroro Gunso?

Images of Keroro Gunso can be found on sites which feature Japanese animated characters. Keroro Gunso is a type of animation called manga and is part of a series. In Japan Keroro Gunso is first known as Sargent Frog.

What is Keroro's rank?

sargent, he is sargent keroro gunso

Is there an English dubbed version of the 5th Keroro Gunso movie?

There is not a dubbed version of any of the Keroro Gunso Movies yet or there wont be but there isnt any signs that there will u could try funimation they dub keroro gunso but there it is sgt. frog

Which television programme features the character Keroro Gunso?

The television programme that features the character Keroro Gunso is the manga series created by Mine Yoshizaki, Sgt.Frog (known in Japan as Sgt. Gunso).

Where can I watch Keroro Gunso Subbed which is not youtube?

i found several places on the enternet try typeing in 'keroro gunso subbed' into google and you will find several websights.

Does GAruru from Keroro Gunso like Pururu?


What kind of girl is Kururu from Keroro Gunso into?


Who does the voice of Keroro on Keroro Gunsou?

Kumiko Watanabe does the voice of Keroro in the original Japanese version of Keroro Gunso. Todd Haberkorn does it in the official English one.

Where can whatch Keroro Gunso in English? but not anymore sorry

Where do you buy Keroro Gunso on DVD in English?

The first season of English keroro will be released on September 22, of 09.

Is keroro gunso the greatest show ever?

To me that is Yes, but we all have different opinions so idk. It depends if you like funny, crazy, and awesome shows. Keroro Gunso is my favorite show and always will be!! I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!

What is the name of Keroro Gunso opening season 2?

Zenkoku Musenkinin Jidai