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his 2 best friends r Ryan and chaz

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Q: What is jusin bieber 2 friends name?
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Dose jusin bieber have any bros or sises and do they stay with him?

he has 2 younger bros

Who is Justin Bieber parents name who is Justin Bieber brothers and sisters names who is Justin Bieber childhood friends names?

Brother-Jackson Sister-Jazmyn Mother-Pattie Father-Jeremy Dog-Sam Best Childhood Friends (known since he was 2) -Chaz and Ryan

Was Justin bieber spotted at the Baltimore walmart?

Jusin bieber was spotted at the local walmart in Baltimore, Maryland while in disguise on February 19, 2011 at around 5:00 pm. He was spotted by a young girl around age 12 her name is Cajin Polner. She was taken out by 2 diguised security guards for Justin. Walmart was then shut down until Justin was back to his next destination

Are Chris Brown And Justin Bieber Friends?

Yes, they are friends, they are very close and have had 2 songs out together; Ladies Love Me and Next 2 You.

How many parents does Justin Bieber have?

Justin Bieber has 2 parents his Mom and Dad his Mom's name is Pattie and his dads name is Jeremy Jack Bieber

What rank is Justin Bieber?

on a scale of one to ten I and my friends believe he is a 2/10

What Justin Bieber's best friend's name?

He Has a Few Best Friends, Chaz Somers, Christian Beadless, Ryan Butler, Thats All That Are From His Childhood 2 Now:)

Are Justin Bieber Mom and Dad married?

Justin's mom and dad seperated soon after the birth of Justin. His dad, Jeremy, moved on and soon married and later had children. Their names are, Jazmyn and Jaxon Bieber. Pattie, the mother of Justin is still good friends with Jeremy..which works well in Justins favor. <3

What is juston Biebers brothers name?

one its Justin bieber and 2 his brothers name is jaxon bieber his dads child and his dad has another she a girl jazmyn

What is Justin Bieber's new album name?

my world part 2

Does Justin Bieber like Siberian Huskies?

yes he does have a husky and he has 2 oother dogs and i heard that from 1 of my friends

What are 3 things that are important to Justin Bieber?

1. His family and friends 2. Canada 3. Selena Gomez