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Q: What is janae from the game real name?
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What is zendaya's middle name?

Zendaya Coleman's REAL middle name is Maree not Janae

Does anyone have the name Janae?

Yes, my name IS Janae and to be honest its a very good name, so THERE! HA!

What is the definition of Janae?

Janae is an American name. As a Biblical male name, Janai, it means "God has answered."

What Is the name of the black girl in the new Wal mart layaway commercials?

She is the actress that plays Janae' on the TV series The Game.

What is the middle name of Madi Turner?


What are meagan McDonald's sister's name?

janae richerson

What is Zendaya's Coleman middle name?

Zendaya's middle name is NOT Janae so anyone who says its janae dont believe them. her middle name is Maree and her full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer ColemanMarieZendaya's middle name is Maree

What is zendayas middle name from shake it up?

Zendaya's middle name is Janae!

What are the two major works for which Shakira was credited?

hi my name is janae

Is janae a good name?

no its a dumb horrifiyying name makes u sound like a shark

What is the birth name of Andrea Diminick?

Andrea Diminick's birth name is Andrea Janae Diminick.

When was Janae Timmins created?

Janae Timmins was created in 2005.