What is inkdawn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I don't know about an Inkdawn, but I do know about an Inkdeath. Inkdeath is the last book in the Inkheart trilogy. Book 1 is Inkheart, book 2 is Inkspell, book 3 is of coarse Inkdeath. Further notice on whether Cornelia Funke is writing another book I am not aware of, but who knows.

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Q: What is inkdawn?
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What is Inkdawn you thought it was inkdeath?

The first book is called Inkheart, then comes Inkspell, then comes Inkdeath and I think Cornelia is now writing Inkdawn. But you could get a second opinion if you like.

Was the title of Funkes third book indeath or inkdawn?

The title of Cornelia Funkes third book is Inkdeath.

Would Farid and Meggie still have a relationship in Inkdawn?

i dont exactly know if they'll stay together at the end but i do know that there will be another boy