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music that is made up by the musician as it is being played

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Q: What is improvisational music?
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What music with its bold solos and improvisational freedom is recognize around the world as the distinctive American contribution to music?

Jazz Music.

Does real music still exist?

Assuming that "real" music is defined as music derived from one's soul, then yes, it is possible to find music fueled by emotion. However, one must be able to see past what entertainment corporations push as "music." A good example of real music is improvisational music.

What is the difference between a fiddle and violin?

The difference between those instruments are the type of music that is played by each instrument. If you were playing classical music, it would be a violin. However, if you were playing improvisational folk styles of music, it would be a fiddle.

What is music that has a girl singer ohh ahh ohing with intruments called?

If its not on Lyrics, then its Improvisational, called Improvising.. can sometimes happen when things are screwed up.

Why does phish suck?

Some people don't like Phish because they don't like their style of improvisational music. Other's do not like the songs. Another reason is that the culture of concert-goers turns people off to the music.

What is the genre of blue man group?

Improvisational Rock

What author was fond of improvisational writing?

William Faulkner

Wayne Brady starred in what improvisational show hosted by Drew Carey Wayne Brady starred in what improvisational show hosted by Drew Carey?

Whose Line Is It Anyway

What are some traits of classical music?

In the generally accepted sense of classical music in western cultures, classical music is almost always scored, or written out, whether it is for a solo instrument or for a group of musicians. There are some examples of music that have improvisational elements, structural elements that can be arbitrarily arranged, or that have some chance or aleatoric elements.

What do you wait for in an improvisational way of writing?

the character to lead the writer.

What style of performance is usually associated with Commedia Dell'Arte?

Improvisational theatre.

What is Dave Brubeck most famous for?

Dave Brubeck is a jazz pianist and musical composer. Some of his hits were, "In Your Own Sweet Way," and "The Duke." His music's unusual timing signatures were a characteristic of his improvisational skills.

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