What is ikuto's wish?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ikuto's wish is to be set free from Easter, I think?

Yeah your right and Ikuto just wants to be like a free stray cat that is free to do whatever it feels, And he gets his wish and Yoru goes back to his egg *sniff* I know sad but a happy sad. :)

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for him and his family to be free from Easter

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Q: What is ikuto's wish?
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In shugo chara what is ikutos wish?

I think it's to be a stray cat so he can be free from Easter (Yoru), that Amu would love and accept him, and to find his father.

What is ikutos dream?

Ikuto's dream is to find his missing father and learn the truth about his past. He also aspires to become a professional violinist and share his music with others.

What is ikutos charas name?

Ikuto's chara is Yoru, he is a cat and when they character transform they are Black Lynx

When does the x egg energy go away from ikutos violin?

Hm. If your talking about the Anime, then I will have to check the episodes, but in the book, its very soon after. About book 8 more or less. Ill update this later no worries, :)

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