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I assume you mean 'Ice T' and not 'Ice Tea'. Tracy Marrow

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Q: What is ice tea the entertainers real name?
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Name a drink starting with ice?

Ice tea.

What is a Name of a drink that starts with an i?

icee or ice tea

What is Tea's real name?

Vergible Woods

What ingredients are in ice tea?

Tea... And Ice...

Is ice tea healthy?

Ice tea is healthy.

What is VirtuaGirl Tea's real name?

Avena Segal

What is tea cake real name?

Vergible Woods

Can iced tea burn you?

Of course not! You can tell by its name, ICED tea. Maybe regular tea could burn you, but iced tea really shouldn't be hot enough to burn you. Iced tea could burn you if it was chilled with dry ice. But technically, it would be the dry ice that burns and not the tea!

Is ice tea a liquid solid or gas?

Ice tea is a liquid.

Is ice tea a soft drink?

Ice tea is a soft drink.

Which is right ice tea or iced tea?

I would assume iced tea. Ice tea would suggest the primary compound being ice, so that the tea itself is composed of mainly ice. Iced tea refers to the status of being iced, or in ice. This would probably make more sense. I mean... try making tea out of ice without melting it. Hope I awnswered your question.

What is teas from tracey beaker returns real name?

Her real name is Mia Mckenna Bruce BTW its Tee not Tea :)