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The Professor's name is Madam Hooch

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madam hooch

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Q: What is harry potters flying teacher called?
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Is professor snap Harry Potters first teacher?

no but he was harrys first potions teacher

Who was Harry Potters third defence against the dark arts teacher?

Remus Lupin.

Harry potters first and last name?

The actor who played harry was called Daniel Radcliffe.

What is harry potters olw called?

If you mean "owl", that would be Hedwig.

What is Harry Potters curse called?

The Avada kedavra curse left harry potter with the scar on his head

Who is Harry Potters defense against the dark in the second book?

Nobody, but Amycus Carrow becomes teacher of Dark Arts.

What did Harry Potters do?

Harry Potter was a wizard

What is the heartcore of Harry Potters wand?

The feather of a phoenix called Fawkes (Dumbledore's phoenix).

Who is Harry Potters's best friend?

Ron Weasley's sister is called Ginny Weasley.

Who is Harry Potters protector?

There is no such person.

Does Harry Potters like dogs?


Does Harry Potters smoke?

not in the film, no