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John Cena tried to go for his leg-drop, but missed and fell neck and back first on the hardest part of the ring and on steel steps. Then Batista hit the Batista bomb on cena through table then kicked him in the neck, then gave him 10 harsh top rope batista bombs, but cena kicked out all of them!, but then batista gave cena a neckbreaker of top rope then pinned him. Then gave Cena 29 batista bomb's off top of the steel cage, cena then gave Batista three AA'S on chair. Batista suffered spiked color bone he was out for 1 month and 2 days 0ctober 2nd 2007. However, Cena was out for 19 months and 27 days, he returned at January 27 2008 at royal rumble. Cena got injured at June 17th at summerlslam 2006. Batista got injured June 17 2006. Serious and career and life-threatning injury to neck and back to cena, cena came back safe and sound at royla rumble 2008. Lets hope he does not get re-injured. 2 YRS he was injured.

Therefore, cena broke his neck and back. Gave him 19 months out of WWE. then batista broke his shoulder with a reverse batista Bomb and tossed Batista into corner harshley.

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john cena while preparing for an April fools day joke on his friend Dan tripped and broke his ankle. He will not be able to compete and wrestle Dwayne Johnson at wrestlemania 28
John cena while perparing for an April fools joke on his friend Dan tripped down the stairs and broke his ankle he will not be able to compete against Dwayne Johnson (the rock) at wrestlemania 28

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the answer is that john cena's oporation or whatever they did is over, now john cena is relaxing like the docter told him :D

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Batista caught Cena by the legs and dropped John Cena on his neck, when Cena jumped off the turnbuckle

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Q: What is going on with john cena latest injury?
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