What is ginger baker worth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The most current information on Ginger Bakers net worth is approx $1.50

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Q: What is ginger baker worth?
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What bands did Ginger Baker play for?

Ginger Baker is an English drummer who play for Cream. He has also had other collaborations, such as with Blind Faith, Gary Moore, Hawkwind, Masters of Reality and Public Image Ltd.

Who are the band members of Cream?

Guitar- Eric Clapton Bass- Jack Bruce Drums- Ginger Baker No one now but here are the original members. I got this: "Cream was a band in the late 1960s (1966 - 1969) that broke new musical ground and set new records for record sales. Its members were Eric Clapton on electric guitar and vocals, Jack Bruce on bass, harmonica, piano and lead vocals and Ginger Baker, who was the drummer. All the band's members came from the same general sort of musical background; Clapton was a blues man, while Baker and Bruce were regulars on the jazz circuit." Clapton played was with John Mayall, and the Yardbyrds before Cream. Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were in a jazz band called the Graham Bond Organisation. When that absorbed, and Baker wanted to start Cream with Clapton, Ginger called upon Jack Bruce to play bass with them, making the trio. From here: Answer__________ Jack Bruce- Bass and vocals Eric Clapton - Guitar and vocals Ginger Baker - Drums

Did ginger baker and buddy rich ever have a drum battle?

Yes, Ginger Baker and Buddy Rich performed in Central Park in New York City and displayed their "chops" together on stage. I can't remember the year but if I could guess it would have been somewhere between 1970 and 1974 as I was a teenager.

Who were the members of cream?

The band Cream consisted of Eric Clapton on Guitar, Jack Bruce on Bass and Ginger Baker on drums.

Did ginger baker sing any of the cream songs?

He did lead vocals on Pressed Rat And Warthog from the Wheels of Fire album