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I think this will be the correct answer (Tanak10)

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Q: What is entered in the chart number field for hiro tanaka?
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What happens when text is entered in a number type field?

The insert will error due to the field definition of "number".

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A number field will not accept text. If it does accept text, then it cannot be a number field. Text fields can accept digits, but number fields cannot accept other text. They will only accept digits and other numeric components, like a decimal point for example. Sometimes you will define a field for numbers, such as phone number or code numbers to be text fields. In fact, that is what you should do for that type of data. You never do calculations with phone numbers, like adding them or getting averages, so they can be stored in text fields, as there is no need for them to be stored in number fields. Also, a zero at the start of a phone number, would disappear if entered into a number field, and it would also not allow things like spaces or brackets.

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By using Field Properties, in particular the Input Mask and formatting options.

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