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Eminem as James (Jimmy) "B-Rabbit" Smith, Jr.

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Jimmy Rabbit Jr.

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Q: What is eminems nickname in the movie 8 mile?
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What year was eminems movie 8 mile made?


What 2002 Movie based on growing up in Detroit starred Eminem?

He starred in the movie called 8 Mile.

What are some of Eminems movies?

8 mile

Which is Eminem's most popular song?

eminems most popular song was lose yourself from the movie 8 mile

What is the movies name which is based on eminems life?

8 mile.

Does the 8 mile road represent eminems life?

sort of

What does eminem rabbit mean?

His nickname was rabbit in the movie 8 mile he was in

Where is 8 Mile?

8 Mile is known as the ghetto of Detroit now most commonly known for eminems childhood growing up there. It is 8 miles from Detroit that's why they call it 8 mile

How much money does eminems mom win in bingo in 8 mile?

300 Dollars

Is eminems 8 mile a exact copy of what really happend?

No, it's reality mixed with fiction.

What year did the film 8 Mile come out in?

The movie came out in the US on November 8, 2002.

Was flea in the movie 8 mile?

No, Flea was not in 8 Mile.