What is eloquent silence?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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oxymoron-combination of two terms which are contradictory in meaning; e.g. "eloquent silence

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Q: What is eloquent silence?
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A combination of two words that seem to have opposite meanings such as eloquent silence or deafening silence is known as an?

An oxymoron is a combination of contradictory or incongruous terms. "Eloquent silence" does not fit this definition as well as "deafening silence" does, because deafening is the exact opposite of silence; however, eloquent ishighly incongruant. Other common examples are "jumbo shrimp" and "bittersweet". A humorous example would be "military intelligence".

What is a combination of two words that seem to have opposite meanings such as eloquent silence or deafening silence?

This is called an oxymoron, and is variously used for literary effect. Common examples in everyday use would be "jumbo shrimp" or "serious joke".

What is meant by silence becomes more eloquent than words?

Sometimes feelings, thoughts and sensations are better explained or shown to others by not saying anything instead of talking. Instead looks or motions with your body might speak. That's when silence becomes more eloquent than words. This is typical for romance and other kinds of interaction where emotions such as love, hate and fear play a very strong role.

What is eloquent in Tagalog?

The word for "eloquent" in Tagalog is "kumplimentado."

What is an example of eloquent?

To be eloquent is to be loquacious.

What part of speech is eloquent?

Eloquent is an adjective.

Do eloquent have suffix?

Yes, "eloquent" does have a suffix. The suffix in "eloquent" is "-ent," which is used to form adjectives indicating a state or condition.

What is sentence for eloquent?

Everyone thought he was eloquent during his graduation speech.

What is another word or eloquent?

another word for eloquent is expressive, powerful, and moving

What is the origin of the word eloquent?

The word "eloquent" comes from the Latin word "eloquens," which is derived from the verb "eloqui," meaning "to speak out."

Can you put the word eloquent in a sentence?

An extraordinary achievement documented in a highly eloquent way.

How do you spell eliqulent?

The correct spelling is "eloquent" (masterful in speech).