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edward was named after his biological father, so his father's name is edward Anthony masen, the first. once he has been adopted as a vampire, his new father is dr. carlisle Cullen.

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Carlisle Cullen

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Q: What is edward dad name in twilight?
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Who does Bella live with from twilight?

her dad charlie (cheif Swann)

What is edward's dad's mom's sister's and brother's name in twilight?

easy... Edward's adopted Brothers are...Emmet and Jasper, his adopted sisters are...Rosealie and Alice And his adopted parents are Carilsle and Emse. And his real mum was Elizabeth Mason and his dad was Edward Mason.

What are some notes about Bella in twilight?

some notes about Bella in twilight : shes quiet ,LOVES edward,she moves with her dad to forks,and she goes to prom with edward.

What is Edward's twilight book called?

Midnight Sun is the name of Edward Cullen's version of Twilight.

What is Robert Pattinson's dad's name?

Robert Pattinsons ( the international heartthrob who stars in Twilight as Edward Cullen and in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory.) fathers name is Richard Pattinson.

What is edward's dad's name?

edward cullen

What is the real name of Edward in twilight?


What is the name of Edward in Twilight?

HIs name is Edward Cullen which is played by Robert Pattinson.

What was Edward from Twilight's name as a human?

His name was Edward Anthony Masen as a human.

Who is the guy's name who Edward fights?

In Twilight, Edward fights James.

What is Edward from twilight's last name?


What is the last name of Edward in twilight?