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wao nice education

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Q: What is educational qualification of sanaya irani?
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What is sanaya irani boyfriend name?

Sanaya irani loves Karan johar

What is Sanaya Irani's birthday?

Sanaya Irani was born on September 17, 1986.

When was Sanaya Irani born?

Sanaya Irani was born on September 18, 1983.

Who is younger sister - sanaya irani or kashmira?

kashmira irani

Who is sanaya irani father?

Sajid khan is sanaya irani father.

Who are sanaya irani's siblings?

kashmeera irani

Who is gitika irani?

gitika irani is sanaya irani mother

Which year sanaya irani born?

sanaya irani was born in 17th September 1986. for proof check it in wikipedia. just type sanaya irani there and u ll get her bio

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Is sanaya irani maried?


Does sanaya irani married?


Is Sanaya Irani pregnant?