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When a group immigrates into an area and, instead of acclimating to that culture, change it to be closer to their own. For example, Americans changed the culture of the Native Americans whose land they immigrated to, not vice versa.

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Q: What is dissonant acculturation?
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What style of music created a dissonant sound using uncommon scales?

Impressionism is the style of music that created a dissonant sound using uncommon scales.

What does Consonant and dissonant mean in music?

There are 3 times where this terminology will come into play. the first is in relation to a single note in the chord. a "dissonant" note is normally a 1/2 step or a tritone (augmented 4th) away from a chord tone, creating an unstable or tense sounding interval or chord. for instance if you play an Ab over a C major Chord, you will notice dissonance because Ab is one 1/2step from G (the fifth of the chord).Note that this terminology can only relate a note to a chord. that is a note cannot be dissonant in relation to nothing, it's classification is dependent on the chord it is surrounded by. a consonant note merely belongs in the chord, it is a chord tone or other note in the key signature that does not result in tension. C E G are all consonant notes in a C Chord (but they are all dissonant in an F# chord) The second is in relation to a chord itself. if a chord has one or more dissonant notes it sounds tense/unstable and can be called a dissonant chord, where a consonant chord sounds stable. The third is in relation to an entire piece or phrase. this is entirely arbitrary as a piece can have dozens of dissonant chords, but progress and resolve in such a way for it to sound stable. or vice versa, a piece may have many consonant chords but not resolve, or end on a dissonant chord to give an overall dissonant impression.

What is a term for 3 or more musical pitches sounded simultaneously?

Typically, when two or more pitches are sounded together, we identify the sound as "harmony". Depending on the character of this harmony, we can further describe the sound as "consonant" (meaning, "sounding good together"), or "dissonant". Consonant harmonies typically consist of the perfect intervals (unisons, octaves, fourths, and fifths), as well as thirds and sixths (major and minor). Dissonant intervals range from strong dissonances (such as the minor second and major seventh, as well as the augmented fourth), to lesser dissonances such as the minor seventh.

Grunge music combined musical elements in a certain way Which of these was common in grunge music?

Strong guitar riffs guitar feedback dissonant harmony *All of the Above (apex)

Why was the tritone an unacceptable interval in music composed for the curch?

It was thought to be the interval of the devil. ____________________ In reality, tritones occur [as components of many chords] in western music constantly, and probably in every piece of music that is heard. They are essential to 7th chords, for example. They were considered dissonant in certain vocal settings including plainchant.

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How sould you use acculturation in a sentence?

i acculturation you

How do use acculturation in a sentence?

acculturation is just another word for socialization. Example: acculturation was carried out by people.

What is an antonym for acculturation?

Extirpate is an antonym for acculturation.

Would an orchestra want to sound dissonant?

Yes--if they are playing music designed to be dissonant.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dissonant - 2010?

The cast of Dissonant - 2010 includes: Cynthia Loemij

What does the acculturation mean?

Acculturation means getting used to a different culture.

What part of speech is acculturation?

Acculturation is a noun. It refers to the process of adopting the cultural traits or social patterns of another group.

How would you use acculturation in a sentence?

You can sound fancy. You use acculturation instead of socialization.

What is the antonyms of consonant?


Is tritonic interval also known as diminished fifth interval dissonant or consonant?

A diminished fifth is considered dissonant.

What is a discord as a music term?