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In business a liquidation means to sell of the assets of a business. A partnership is a joining together of two or more people to run the business. The only situation I can perceive where these two ideas would be options is when the business owes someone a debt. If the creditor proposes to be paid by you liquidating the business this means you close shop. If however the creditor offers a partnership this means he offered to join with your business as an owner and uses the debt to buy into your business.

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Q: What is diifferenct between liquidation and partnership?
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What is the difference between liquidation and dissolution in the context of partnership?

liquidation of partnership is when partnership is broken due to the insuficient fund problem a partnership may encounter, while dissolution of partnership is when partnership is resolved according to the decision taken by the partners

You want answers related to the liquidation of partnership?

i want some examples of liquidation expenses ....

What will come first dissolution or liquidation?

Dissolution is same for partnership as liquidation for company and both are separate and no one come before or after each other.

When on partner is unable to pay from his personal property in case of liquidation of partnership business then what will be the possible treatments?

Borrow it ..

What is differences between divestiture and liquidation?

Divestiture is silent. Liquidation is public.

What is schedule of safe payments?

When liquifying a partnership, it tells what amounts can be safely distributed to which partners without violating the principles of liquidation. In other words, the amount that the partners are certain they are going to receive in a liquidation.

Can a partner force you to sell your half to him?

That may not be possible but it may depend on the terms and provisions in the partnership agreement. However, the alternative may be the dissolution of the partnership, liquidation of all partnership assets, and distribution of shares to all partners according to their partnership agreement (or equally, if no agreement).

Can a partnership firm be a shareholder?

no, a partnership cannot become a shareholder because shareholders are large but a partnership is only between two persons and they share only between themselves.

What is a sentence using the word partnership?

The two owners decided to dissolve their partnership. For once, the partnership between government and industry was successful.

When a partnership is formed a written legal document is drawn up between the partners what is this called?

partnership agreement

What is mean a deed of partnership?

Agreement between partners is termed as partnership deed.It may be written or oral

When was Liquidation Channel created?

Liquidation Channel was created in 2008.