What is dad real name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mor Thiam

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Q: What is dad real name?
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What is jb's dad's real name?

his dad's name is Jeremy

What is Selena Gomez s real dad s name?

her real dad's name is Ricardo Gomez

What is Katie Price's dad's name?

Her real dad's name is Ray Infield

Is Jeremy Justin Bieber real dad name or is it his step father?

Jeremy is Justin beiber real dad name

Is lil twist dad name tez?

what is llil twist real da name

What is Dad's real name?

Mor Thiam

Is it disrespectful to call your dad by his real name?


What is Bella's new dad's real name?

If by new dad you mean her stepdad then his name is Phil Dwyer.

What was Selena Gomez's dad's name?

Real dad: Ricardo Gomez Step dad: Brian Teefy

What is Edward's dad's name?

It doesnt say his real dad's name from when he was human but his adopted dad (who's also a vampire) is called Carlisle.

What is Akon's dad real name?

Mor Thiam

What is Justin biebers dad real name?