What is cultural norm?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a visiable marker of culture

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Social or Cultural Norm a generally agreed-upon standard for how people should behave, usually unwritten and learned unconsciously(Miller, p. 175).

Miller, Barbara. Cultural Anthropology in a Globalizing World, 2/e for EDMC, 2nd Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions.

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Q: What is cultural norm?
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In localities where community consent is the norm?

In addition to the cultural norm, individual informed consent is required.

Why Do American Strangers Greet?

It's a cultural norm.

What is a cultural norm?

a visiable marker of culture

When is cultural value considered a norm?

Considered the right way to believe of do something

What does cultural norm mean?

Cultural norms are behavior patterns that are typical of specific groups and are usually learned from elders such as parents and teachers.

Why any person would mummify the dead?

Because that was the cultural norm when mummies were made.

What do you call the knowledge or values shared within societies?

This could be reffered to as the "social norm" or a "cultural identity".

Why is being gay against the social norm?

In most western societies, being gay is not against the social norm. But in places where it is, the main reasons are religion and cultural history.

How does deviance relate to the idea of culture?

From a sociological standpoint, cultures can transform and change when a group of people are deviant to a set norm. Such as a taboo becoming the norm which in itself can change cultural thoughts and norms.

What cultural norm does gregor's career help demonstrate?

Men enjoyed factory jobs and found the fufilling. APEX

Why majority of Indian men want their wives to be the servants of his parents and siblings?

Cultural norm practised in India for several generations.

What is difference between culture and norms?

norm = typically expected behaviour in the social or cultural world someone who does not conform to the norm is seen as weird culture = set of attitude, behaviour, or symbols (e.g.words,gestures) shared by a large group of people cultural norms = groups belief of what is an acceptable/ unacceptable way of thinking, feeling and behaving.