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the correct phrase would be nick and i

It would certainly be Nick and i (I was just thinking about somebody called Nick...)

It depends, sort of...

if you are making a an action, like Nick and you are doing something, then it would be Nick and I.


myself herself himself ourselves etc are called reflexive pronouns and refer back to the subject of the sentence so they shouldn't be used in the subject position.

We cooked the dinner ourselves.

Nick and I is correct.

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Q: What is correct Nick and myself or myself and Nick?
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The correct sentence should be: Brian and I will be attending a seminar.

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Although myself is often used this way, it is always incorrect. The pronoun "I" or "me" should be used instead of "myself", and the context determines which one to use. "Your mother and I" is correct as a subject, but "your mother and me" is the correct form for an object. If you remove "your mother" from the sentence you are considering, it will be much easier to see whether to use "I" or "me".Examples1. Your mother and will pick you up after school. Since you would say "I will pick you up after school", and not "Me will pick you up after school", the correct sentence is "Your mother and I will pick you up after school."2. The Hartmans have invited your mother and to their cookout.Since you would say "The Hartmans have invited me to their cookout", and not "The Hartmans have invited I to their cookout", the correct sentence is "The Hartmans have invited your mother and me to their cookout."

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Would it be better to write Myself and nick or nick and myself?

The more proper term would be to write Nick and Myself.

How do you spell myself?

That is the correct spelling of the pronoun "myself."

To start with myself Ram is correct sentence?

To start with ME, not myself.

If you start a sentence with Myself and Robert are you using correct grammar?

The correct form is Robert and I. Myself and Robert is incorrect.

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Myself is reduntent-just remove that.

Is this sentence grammatically correct- sometimes i amaze myself?

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No. Excruciatingly correct is My family is my mom, my dad and I. But we say My family is me, my mom and dad, or mom and dad and me.You should only use "myself" reflexively ( I wash myself regularly) or for emphasis ( I, myself, did this). Never use "myself" in place of "I" or "me."

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Heavens no. Myself can never be the subject of a verb. Use myself reflexively, when the subject of the verb is "I." Anyone can see me, but only I can see myself.

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Yes, "Please submit the report to Johanna or myself" is correct grammar. The use of "myself" as a reflexive pronoun in this sentence is appropriate because it refers back to the subject, "I."

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It could depend on what it is you are trying to say, but as it is it is grammatically correct.

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Best: Contact either John or me.