What is cleverbots real name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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We will never really know.

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His name is Aaron.

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Q: What is cleverbots real name?
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Are the robots on cleverbots real?

No, the robots on cleverbot are not real, they are actually just people, when you ask a question it automatically links to someone that is on cleverbot and then they answer the question, and you do the same.

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Why does cleverbot seem so human?

CleverBots use textual pattern matching system to give outputs to your inputs or in simple terms they just seem to talk like humans because their outputs are written by humans for a matching input that you might throw at themHere is a session of me with a CleverBot.BOT: How are you?ME: I am fine and thanks for asking.BOT: How old are you?ME: 24.BOT: Yikes.ME: My age shouldn't scare you CleverBot.BOT: I did not ask about your ageThe CleverBots run out of context many times especially when a pattern does not match a given set of pattern in the database and hence a random answer is given.

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