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All means of communication, as newspaper, radio etc.

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Q: What is classification of media?
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What are appropriate ways to handle removable media and information stored on it?

destroy classified removable media in accordance with its classification level

What is Classification of network media?

classification of network means how many types of network means in other word we can say that categories of network

What is the common classification term used by Remote Storage to identify all media devices?


What is a social media bucket?

A bucket is a subcategory or classification of a larger whole. In social media some of the 'buckets' are social networking, professional networking and information sharing.

Which of the following is appropriate for handling removalbe media and the information stored on it?

Label to reflect the classification or sensitivity level

Old removable media should be?

Old removable media should be: a. Reformatted and reusedb. Thrown into the trashc. Used again up to 30 daysd. Destroyed in accordance with its classification level

Should you label your removable media?


What does it mean to classify?

Classification can be used either as a noun or an adjective. "The classification of the leaf was found in the book" is a sentence using classification as a noun. It functions as the subject in the sentence. "The scientific classification system can be remembered with the acronym KPCOFGS" is a sentence using classification as an adjective that describes system. Many nouns can double over as adjectives.

What really qualifies newspapers and magazines to be called community media?

they have to be distributed to a certain geographical areas and cotains items of specific interest to the people rom that area.f

Differentiate between book classification and knowledge classification?

difference between knowledge classification and book classification?

How do you abbreviate classification?


What are the classification of technical report?

what is a classification of reports