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Cis face is where a vesicle forms ER and attaches

Transface: where packaged proteins are released from

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Q: What is cis face and trans face?
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Why are there three isomers of dibenzalacetone?

those are defined by position of double bonds, the possible one,s are cis-cis,cis-trans,trans-trans.

Is cis-trans confirmation or configuration?

"Cis-trans" is a term used in chemistry to describe the spatial arrangement of atoms or groups around a double bond. It refers to the relative positions of substituents on either side of the double bond. Configuration, on the other hand, is a broader term that encompasses both cis-trans and other spatial arrangements of atoms in a molecule.

What is difference between cis trans Golgi complex?

The cis-Golgi network is located near the endoplasmic reticulum and receives newly synthesized proteins from the ER. The trans-Golgi network is located towards the plasma membrane and sorts and packages proteins into vesicles for delivery to their final destinations. In summary, the cis-Golgi functions in receiving while the trans-Golgi functions in sorting and packaging.

Is C8H16 cis or trans?

C8H16 does not specify the arrangement of atoms, so it is neither cis nor trans. The cis/trans notation is used to describe relative positions of substituents on a molecule, typically alkenes or cycloalkanes.

Does 3-hexene have cis and trans isomers?

Yes: cis-3-hexene and trans-3-hexene.

How stable are cis-trans isomerisms?

The cis-trans isomerism tend to be very stable. Typically, trans isomers are more stable however, an exception lies in cis-trans isomers which makes them more stable than trans isomers.

What is the antonym of trans?

Opposite of latin `trans` is `cis`

Where does cisternal maturation occur?

Cisternal maturation occurs in the Golgi apparatus. This is where the cisternae move, beginning at the cis face and progressing via the medial face to the trans face.

What is the narrow flat membranous structure ofa Golgi body is termed as?

The "stacks of pancakes" are vesicles with a trans and cis face.

Why are cis and trans isomers not possible for ClCH2CH2Cl?

Cis and trans isomers are not possible for ClCH2CH2Cl because both chlorine atoms are on the same side of the molecule due to the symmetrical arrangement of the two carbon atoms. This results in the molecule having only one structure, making cis and trans isomerism impossible.

Which one is more stable cis-polyisoprene or trans-polyisoprene?


How can you differ from cis- and trans potassium dioxalatodiaquachromat?

According to studies, Cis and Trans potassium dioxalatodiaquachromat differ by the trans potassium form being less soluble than that of Cis, therefore it differs in chemistry relating to the absorption spectrum.