What is cast of atif aslam?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is cast of atif aslam?
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What is the cast of atif aslam?


What is the birth name of Atif Aslam?

Atif Aslam's birth name is Muhammad Atif Aslam.

What is atif aslam's cast?


Who is the best atif aslam or himesh?

Atif aslam

Atif aslam is Punjabi?

Atif Aslam is Muslim.

What is atif aslam's full name?

mohammad atif aslam

Is atif aslam dead?

atif aslam is pakistani singer .he is alive .

What is Atif Aslam's Email ID?

.atif aslam email id

What nicknames does Atif Aslam go by?

Atif Aslam goes by Aadee.

Atif aslam's wife name?

atif is single

Who is more famous Atif Aslam or Scott Adkins?

Atif is a Pakistani like me and is a singer,however Scott is a Hollywood Actor/Martial Artist so Scott is much more famous than Atif Aslam

From which album is atif aslam new gulabi aankhen?

atif aslam unplugged