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Sony MDR V150

RaaDeeK :)

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I believe he used a cassette player.

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Q: What is brand of eminem headphones from movie 8 mile?
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Was eminem in any movies or shows?

Eminem is in the movie 8-mile

What movie is eminem famous for?

8 mile

Who is ''Jimmy'' in the movie 8 mile?


What is the name of the movie eminem stared in?

8 Mile.

What hats does Eminem wear in 8 Mile beanie and a?

the 8 mile movie is about eminem

What movies where Eminem in?

Eminem has been in one movie called 8 mile which is all about his life. that is the only movie that he has been in

Which semi-biographical movie did Eminem star in in 2002?

the only movie eminem has ever stared in is 8 mile.... great movie btw:)

Where was Eminem known as Rabit?

Eminem was known as Rabit in the movie 8 Mile. That was his characters name.

What was the title of the movie in which Eminem plays a character based on his own life?

It is called 8 Mile.

What does eminem rabbit mean?

His nickname was rabbit in the movie 8 mile he was in

What scary movie is eminem in?

None. Although, there is a parody of 8 Mile in Scary Movie 3.

Why does Eminem play a different person in 8 mile?

The movie is not based on Eminem contrary to popular belief. He says it is about growing up and living in Detroit, not a biography movie of him. Therefore, he is not the character in the movie.