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bk's real name is Brandon Kane

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 15:01:52
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Q: What is bk real name?
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Does the BK in BK virus mean berkelium?

BK is not from berkelium but from the name initials of a person in which the first time the virus was discovered.

What is the name chemical symbol for berkelium?


If a person filing for bankruptcy is married and the house is in the wife's name does he still have to list the house even if he's not on the deed?

As a general rule if a person's name is not on the title, then they do not "own" the property and it would not be included in BK. However, some community property states have specific laws governing real estate owned by married couples. It would be advantageous to find out the BK laws of the state of residency concerning real property.

How did berkelium get its symbol?

The chemical symbol of berkelium (Bk) is derived from his name.

Does berkelium have a family name?

Berkelium (Bk) is a member of the actinoids family.

You are filing bk chapter 7 but spouse is not your house is just in your name you also have land that has a mortgage in just your husbands name but both names are on deed will the land get taken from?

Ownership of real property is determined by the names on the deed.

What is Brandon Kane Nickname?

Brandon Kane nick name is BK-BABIIwoooooooow...its BK..and he just says babii in his songs nd stuff..get it right..lmmfao

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BK big fish

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The BK king is known only by one other name...The King

What is is bk?

the term 'BK' stands for burger king. if someone calls you a 'bk' they are probably referring to you as a 'Bk Random' which is just a random person..the bk is totally irrelevant.It means Bad Kid.

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'BK' on msn stands for BACK. So if they have on there msn 'away' when they come back they might say: BK = BACK BK is also used for the term "Bankruptcy"

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club bk

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