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He's a crip along with his brothas and cuzzins

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Q: What is bizzy bones gang affiliation?
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Is bizzy bones dead?

no, Bizzy Bone is not dead

Who is bizzy bones sisters?

jizzy stones, mizzy phones and Quirky cluck

Is bizzy bones in jail currently?

no he's not. if he has then probbly for selling weed on the streets.

What is 873 gang?

The term "873 gang" generally refers to the 873 Hoover Crips gang. This means any Hoover street gang that maintains an affiliation with the Crips gang.

What kind of hats do crips wear?

Members of the Crips gang typically wear blue bandanas, hats, or clothing to signify their affiliation with the gang and loyalty to the group's colors (blue). However, it's important to note that gang affiliation is illegal and engaging in gang-related activities can have serious consequences.

What does a white folded and hanging bandana mean?

Possible gang affiliation.

What did the title of the movie COLORS' mean?

in gang related society, the color you wear (blue or red, etc) signifies your gang affiliation.

Is the Chi-Rho used with gang affiliation?

No but it is the symbol of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity.

Is south side a dangerous gang?

ALL gangs are dangerous, regardless of their name or affiliation.

Are there gangs in Texas that wear black do rags?

There are several gangs in Texas. Du Rags really don't have anything to do with gang affiliation. Gangs wear bandanas or tattoos to show their affiliation with a gang. The Gangster Disciples Nation(Folk Nation gang), wear the colors black, gray, & blue. The Tiny Rascals Gang, wear black & gray. Both of these gangs are found in Texas.

Is lil Wayne a crib or blood?

Lil Wayne has connections to both the Crips and Bloods gang, but he has never officially claimed either gang affiliation.

Is Bizzy Bone in the Philippines?

No Bizzy Bone is in the United States.