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Watch the films on dvd! it is much cheaper and just go to your local shop and cash out on loads of sweets and chocolate

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Q: What is better - watching films on DVD or at the cinema?
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Are some films that go straight to DVD better than those that go to cinema?

Usually no. It usually means no film company had faith that it was worth the expense to release in theaters.

Why do movies get to the cinema before sold DVD or CD or blu ray?

Most larger budget films go to Cinema because of their potential to make money and their fan base. Really, its thanks to Cinema that big films can be made, as their are too many risks involved just releasing a 12million dollar film on DVD, which people may not buy. Also, cinema is an experience, as you are far more likely to go out with friends to the cinema than to go watch a DVD with mates. The main stars wouldn't be to happy on a DVD for all their hard work either. Unless your Steven Segal.

Do you have to buy HD DVD films or can you play ordinary DVD films on a HD DVD player?

No you can play normal DVD's but the picture would be alot better if you did buy HD DVD's.

When is the adventures of tintin movie coming out on DVD in the UK?

Well, normally it takes about 3 months for films at the cinema to be released on DVD. I would say about February. Makes sense.

Where can you watch Pakistan films?

The best thing to do is to go to a cinema in Pakistan. If that is notr possible, you can buy a CD or DVD from the market. Out of Pakistan, you only have the option of to watch the Pakistani films.

What are the advantages of using the DVD S2?

There is no such thing as the DVD S2; however, using a DVD player allows you use to play all DVD discs, which are the most common form of watching films, shows and playing music.

What is the best VHS or dvd set containing the unaltered star wars original trilogy films?

As always, DVD is always better than VHS

How many GB micro SD is needed for movies?

it depends on the resolution of the films you will be watching,normal films size is around 600-700 MB,DVD films are like 4.5 GB and films for your phone are normally around 200 MB.It depends on how many films you want in Memory card too.

What are the functions of DVD ROM drive?

it can store larger amount of blue films with equally better quality..

What main purpose was the DVD invented?

The DVD was invented to make watching films easier. Some features of DVDs that VHS tapes do not have are be able to choose to watch any scene of the movie instantly, and extra scenes.

What year was Evita released on DVD?

It was 1997. It was at the cinema in 1996, on DVD in 1997.

What DVD drives have best sound quality while watching a Movie?

Some DVD drives offer a digital sound output which will give you better sound quality.