What is bendover?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's doggystyle in other words

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Q: What is bendover?
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From which fuel do you get petrol?

Bendover. Bendover is a form of gas that contains highly flamable stuff so don't go near it.

Should you be a bendover boyfriend?

Not unless you're gay.

Pokemon ruby where to get TM 15?

bendover and ill show you

What school did frank Lucas attend?

bendover high school

Who does Washington recruit to change the tide of the war?

Sir Bendover.

Who jizzes pants everytime they see their grandma bendover?

Colman Shivers

What are the best dumbbell moves?

the best ones for me is bicep curls,concentration curl, dumbell presses, tricep exstensions, and one arm bendover row

What are the benefits of Velcro?

velcro is helpful for the elder just ask an older male/ female and they will tell you that its easier to use velcro that it is to bendover and tie their shoe PLEEZE COMMENT

What are codes on yanillescape?

Try ::home ::1 ::2 ::3 ::secretworld ::bendover ::gifts (your code) ::yell *space* write something to go on the message board too everyone.

How do you poop out a whole carrot?

first you have to bendover and say "daddy can u put a carrot in my ass?" and then jaheto will come over and say "yo i bet u i can fit 10x more"

What is the purpose of bend over pants?

BendOver pants are a comfortable blend of smooth stretch woven fabrics that move with the person wearing them. Because of the material, these pants are durable and designed to protect against embarrassing rips.

What actors and actresses appeared in Let Them Eat Rock - 2004?

The cast of Let Them Eat Rock - 2004 includes: Nat Freedberg as Lord Bendover Jim Janota as Jackie Kickassis Marc Mazzarelli as Marquis du Roque Ted Widmer as Lord Rockingham