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Team 7

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Q: What is another name for Team Kakashi?
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Who is Kakashi namikaze?

There isn't a Kakashi Namikaze. Kakashi's last name is Hatake. However, his team leader, Minato, his last name was Namikaze.

What is kakashi's second name?

His full name is Kakashi Hatake

When does Naruto Kakashi chronicles end?

the kakashi chronicles end when kakashi's best friend is killed bye a huge rock. his name was obito uchiha. half of his body was crushed. rin the medical ninja in the team took obitos sharingan and put it into kakashi's eye that's how kakashi got the sharingan..

How does Kakashi's old teamate Rin die?

No she continues on but in a different team than kakashi.

Who is the girl in Kakashis team?

When he was in a team it was Kakashi, Obuto and Rin was the girl. If your talking about the Team 7 when Kakashi is the sensei it's Naruto ,Sasuke and the girl is Sakura.

Who are the members of team Kakashi?

Also know as team 7. Original members are Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke was replaced by Sai after Sasuke left for Orochimaru. And Yamato (Tenzo) replaced Kakashi temperory as Kakashi was resting after battle.

What is Kakashi's daughter's name?

Kakashi doesn't have a daughter.

What is behind Kakashi's mask?

Behind kakashi's mask is another mask.

What is kakashis second name of naruto?

Kakashi's full name is : Hetake, Kakashi

What is the link between Kakashi hatake and madara Uchiha?

The link is that kakashi and madara where on the same team but he wasnt know as madara his name was obito (the black sheep of the uchiha clan). Now his name is Tobi and he wheres that mask because you know how kakashi has the sharigan well that use to be his and so he gave it to kakashi as a gift for becoming a jonin right before he died

What is Narutos Teachers name?

Naruto has had many teachers. Namely, Iruka Umino, Kakashi Hatake, and Jiraiya.

What is the name of the arc that covers Kakashi's past?

kakashi chronicles