What is an ursis chaotic code?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you can buy ursis cheap for like 20/30 buks on eBay with unused codes but no one would just give you him it seems everyone wants him ingame for some reason..also if you do buy it from there be sure to keep an eye on the shipping costs they really love cheating you there lol

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Q: What is an ursis chaotic code?
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When was Sabatino de Ursis born?

Sabatino de Ursis was born in 1575.

When did Sabatino de Ursis die?

Sabatino de Ursis died in 1620.

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What are Chaotic Card CodesM?

A Chaotic Card Code is the unique code each card has. It is located at the bottom of each card. This code can be use of the online game of chaotic ( Hope to see you there!!

How do you get chaotic cards on chaotic games online?

you click enter the code and then put your code in from the bottom of your card.

Do you lose chaotic cards when you battle a code-master in chaotic?

No you don't

What is chaors chaotic code?

his code is 85549frtusd ngdl4g567f

Unused chaotic chaor card code?

there is none

What chaotic code can you use to get into the chaotic online game?

you dont have to have a code to enter the only codes you need to use in chaotic are your monster codes you can sign up for free then you get to choose what online deck you want.

Does anyone have a chaor code for you chaotic?

there is none

What is the chaotic code for a war beast?

this is the code for ele:7836 23D8 9BA7

Can you get a free chaotic gronmor code?

You can get a free chaotic gronmor code infact my brothers got one and he's not used it online yet because he doesnt know how.