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COMPASIONATE patieny loving

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Q: What is an example of a meek person?
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What is an example of meek?

Meek means obidient and docile The captives comply meekly

Who is a meek person?

A meek person is someone who is gentle, humble, and submissive. They often display patience and self-control in dealing with others, even in the face of adversity or mistreatment.

How can a parson Be shy timid and meek?

A person can be shy, timid and meek if exposed to harsh conditions, that lowers his/her self esteem.

What is a good example sentence for inherit?

The meek will inherit the Earth.

Who is a famous meek person?

People are usually not famous for being meek. Meekness in the Bible is someone very strong that chooses to be gentle. In fact, the original word for "meek" in the Sermon on the Mount is the same as the head stallion in a group of wild horses. This implies that a meek person is the strongest and fastest person that uses his strength and speed to protect and nurture others. ANSWER In the book of Exodus Moses is descibed as the meekest man in all the earth.

Can you give me an example sentence for the word domineered?

The word 'domineered' refers to one person bullying or intimidating another. An example of this term used in a sentence is, 'The large housewife domineered over her husband, who was a small, meek man.'

What does the simile as meek as a lamb mean?

The simile "as meek as a lamb" is used to describe someone who is gentle, submissive, and timid, similar to the way a lamb is known for being meek and gentle. It implies a lack of aggression or assertiveness in the person being described.

What person looks most like a rodent?

Laura O. and kestler callen meek

What is a meek?

A meek person is someone who is gentle, humble, and easily submissive. They do not assert themselves aggressively and often show patience and kindness towards others.

What is the meaning of meek?

The quality or state of being meek.

What is the simile for as meek as a?

As meek as a lamb.

What is the birth name of Billy Meek?

Billy Meek's birth name is William George Meek.