What is alcuna licenza?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Alcuna licenza is "Some freedom" So therefore, "Andante cantabile, con alcuna licenza" would be "At a lyrical walking pace, with some freedom" (in regards to tempo, of course).

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Q: What is alcuna licenza?
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What is Licenza's population?

Licenza's population is 1,001.

When was Licenza premio created?

Licenza premio was created in 1951.

What is the area of Licenza?

The area of Licenza is 17.7 square kilometers.

What is the Italian translation of the English phrase 'sometime'?

Alcuna volta is an Italian equivalent of the English word "sometime".Specifically, the feminine adjective alcuna means "any, some". The feminine noun volta translates as "time" in terms of an occurrence. The pronunciation will be "ahl-KOO-nah VOHL-tah" in Italian.

When was Tina Lattanzi born?

Tina Lattanzi was born on December 5, 1897, in Licenza, Lazio, Italy.

What has the author Celestino Durando written?

Celestino Durando has written: 'Quarant'anni, prima licenza di caccia'

What is the Italian translation of the English phrase 'sometime for me'?

Alcuna volta per me is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "sometime for me".Specifically, the feminine adjective alcuna is "any, some". The feminine noun volta means "time" in terms of occurrence. The preposition per means "for". The personal pronoun me translates as "me".The pronunciation will be "ahl-KOO-nah VOHL-tah pehr mey"* in Italian.*The sound is similar to that in the English exclamation "Hey!"

What is 'How old do you have to be to get your license' when translated from English to Italian?

"How old do you have to be to get your license?" in English is Quanti anni devi avere per ottenere la tua licenza? in Italian.

What actors and actresses appeared in Licenza premio - 1951?

The cast of Licenza premio - 1951 includes: Virginia Belmont as Gilda Nerio Bernardi as Conte Carlo Carlo Croccolo as Pinozzo Molliconi Ludmilla Dudarova Lilia Landi as Maria Luisa Lilly Lovati Maria Piazzai as Lucia Mimmo Poli Gigi Reder as Sergente Virgilio Riento as Enrico Rossana Rory as Paola Marcella Rovena as Zingara Nino Taranto as Domenico Errichiello Pietro Tordi as Zingaro Letizia Vianello as Giulietta

What is 'Dimmi se fu fatta alcuna cosa' when translated from Italian to English?

"I'm not telling you anything" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Non ti sto dicendonulla.Specifically, the adverb non means "not." The personal pronoun ti means "(informal singular) you." The auxiliary sto means "(I) am busy." The word dicendo, as the present participle of the infinitive dire, means "saying, telling." The feminine noun nulla means "not anything, nothing."The pronunciation is "nohn tee stoh dee-TCHEHN-doh NOOL-lah."

What is 'some good Italian history' when translated from English to Italian?

Alcuna buona storia d'Italia is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "some good Italian history." The feminine singular phrase translates literally as "some good history of Italy" in English. The pronunciation will be "al-KOO-na BWO-na STO-rya dee-TA-lya" in Pisan Italian.

What movie and television projects has Lilia Landi been in?

Lilia Landi has: Performed in "Turri il bandito" in 1950. Played Carla in "Miss Italia" in 1950. Played Sonia in "Destino" in 1951. Played Maria Luisa in "Licenza premio" in 1951. Performed in "Il caimano del Piave" in 1951. Played Felga - La zingara del fotoromanzo in "Lo sceicco bianco" in 1952. Played Carmela in "Abracadabra" in 1952. Played herself in "I vitelloni" in 1953. Performed in "Milanesi a Napoli" in 1954. Performed in "I vagabondi delle stelle" in 1956. Performed in "Destinazione Piovarolo" in 1956. Performed in "Il ferroviere" in 1956. Performed in "Il grido" in 1957. Played Olga in "Gli zitelloni" in 1958. Performed in "Noi siamo due evasi" in 1959.