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the goddess

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Q: What is adriana lima's nickname?
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What are adriana limas hobbies?

charity work and martial arts :)

What is the population of Limas?

The population of Limas is 4,394.

How tall is Limas Sweed?

Limas Sweed is 6' 4".

What is the area of Limas?

The area of Limas is 5,520,000.0 square meters.

What actors and actresses appeared in Adriana - 2013?

The cast of A Metamorfose - 2007 includes: Tatiana Bernardo as Menina Margarida Ana Maria Oliveira as Teresa Castro Julia Prazeres as Dona da Casa Pedro Teles as Carlos Salgado Beatriz Verissimo as Menina Margarida

Who was UT's leading receiver in 2006?

Limas sweed

Is this how you spell limas?

It is the correct spelling of the plural "limas" meaning "lima beans."

Who is Brandon Limas-Brown?

Brandon Limas-Brown is the coolest in the west coast and the smartest

When was Limas Sweed born?

Limas Sweed was born on December 25, 1984, in Navasota, Texas, USA.

Where do limas lie?


What position did Limas Sweed play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Limas Sweed was a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was waived in mid-September 2011.

What is Limas country?

Lima is the capital of Peru.